The Team

John Procter

“The Bike Doctor”

At age 5, while “assisting” his dad with a coaster brake rebuild, John discovered his passion for mechanics. By age 11, he was well established as the neighborhood bike mechanic and spent all free time on his Schwinn BMX.  BMX racing eluded John, but at college, he discovered “BMX for Adults” after his first ride on a “mountain bike” in Austin’s Barton Creek Greenbelt.  Throughout a storied engineering career, John developed his lifelong love for MTB and off-road adventure cycling, but racing was always an unrealized dream.  Finally, he began racing with his son in Texas’ TMBRA XC series in 2010 and was constantly working on their mountain bikes to keep them race-ready.  Wheel building, quality suspension work, and custom bike builds are particular loves in the sport, and now something John strives to bring to Texas MTB and off-road cyclists via Pro Bikes Texas.

Pablo Varas

“The Chef”

In the beginning … there was Pablo…and Pablo was good…

Hailing from Chile, Pablo as a teen found his passion in mountain biking and soon began his racing career ascending to the Chilean national team.  With a long career as a serious professional pastry chef, Pablo moved to Houston 3 years ago from the Washington D.C. area to open the Post Oak Hotel.  Outside of culinary work, always on his bike, Pablo found his Houston MTB gang at the Anthills, including John Procter.  Now he’s combining his two passions of cycling and cuisine into Pro Bikes.

Our Story

In April 2020 during a cycling tour of West Texas and a hike up Guadalupe Peak (Pro Bikes’ logo – El Capitan), John’s MTB buddies inspired John to start Pro Bikes in his garage to meet the demands of crazy times.  Quickly, there was more work than John could handle and a member of the group, Chef Pablo, was looking to help out.  Immediately, John and Pablo built a friendship over common goals, joined forces, and haven’t looked back.  The main goal was to raise the bar and shorten turnaround time for service to support our burgeoning local MTB & off-road bike community.  This remains Pro Bikes’ goal today, along with having a relaxed place to hang, have a coffee, pastry, and learn all things bikes.  

Together, John and Pablo have over 70 years experience riding and maintaining bikes of all types.  You can trust them with your high value equipment as they work to keep your bike working as if it was one of their own.   Come visit us at Pro Bikes Texas!

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